02 June 2011

There is a reason why painting is not photography

"I think old graphics were unbelievably more beautiful than what we have today.  It was more poetic, and the colors were more attractive.  Throughout my whole life I've liked old stuff.  When I was younger, I used to get worn clothes and shoes from my older cousins, and I loved it!  Even today, I am really fond of vintage (second-hand) t-shirts, etc.  Besides all this, I think that the vintage, worn look gives a sensation it was touched by the hands of time or by the artist.  Somehow clean lines from the computer bother me, because it feels so cold and mechanical. Most of my digital collages are processed by hand: creating textures, stains, scratches, doodles, and more.  I want the computer to help me compose – not to slave me between the mouse and the chair."

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